FFL Lifestyle

Late August means it's time for family vacations, melanoma checkups, and your Fantasy Football draft. Before you start panic-selecting second string running backs in the middle of the first round, read over these DO's and DON'TS and get on the path to FFL domination

Eric Karabell Is Satan's Minion:

DO: Check TheHuddle.com as often as possible. FFL expert and author of , Mark St. Amant swears this site will satisfy the most rabid FFL geek

DON'T: Check TheHuddle.com at work if you enjoy having a steady paycheck.

For Successful Draftniks:

DO: Spend three to four hours per day working on your team. A casual FFL-er (read: a normal human being) is a cow in a pirahna-filled lake

DON'T: Draft when you're tanked. If you're serious about winning, leave the inter-round bong hits to the other GMs.

Customized Preparation for the Truly Obsessive

DO: Use Thrillist's Pre-Draft Worksheet to pre-rank players based on the scoring system employed by your personal league. The perfect way to get an edge and finally learn Excel.

DON'T: Show up with the same Yahoo/ESPN/Fox cheat-sheets as everyone else. You'll look like less of a moron if you show up with a bag of hair and no pants.

And if you're convinced that you're already an FFL god, sign up for the World Championship of Fantasy Football in Las Vegas. A $2,000 entrance fee could win you $200,000 -- enough to hold next year's draft on a yacht, or pay for a therapist to help you rejoin society.