Pickle Juice Sport

If you subject yourself to intense workouts -- or you're in such lousy shape that opening a bag of frozen waffles leaves you gasping -- then dehydration can be a major problem. Retain your vital fluids with Pickle Juice Sport.PJS was born on a scorching hot Dallas day, when Eagles trainers doled out actual pickle juice to stave off dehydration/cramping en route to a 41-14 thrashing of the Cowboys. Although not made with real pickles, PJS's mix of salt, vinegar, and dill flavoring give it 15 - 30 times more electrolytes than the sports drink competition. To maximize PJS's effects, drink it 30 minutes before a rigorous boxing class, rock climbing, or wanton Jacuzzi sex.If your inactive lifestyle gives you no reason to drink a bottle of brine, here's another way to integrate PJ into your world of sloth:Martini Sport

  • 1 part Pickle Juice Sport
  • 3 parts vodka
  • Garnish with a dill spear

After an endless night of vodka/pickle madness, you'll still be hopped up on electrolytes -- so you'll be able to get home, open the front door, and feast on a squadron of Eggos.