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Ditch Plains

Sometimes you're up for the full Hamptons experience -- the sun, the parties, throwing up behind a Star Room banquette -- but more often than not you'd be happy just eating the seafood. To get stuffed without the jitney ride, hit Ditch Plains, officially opening Monday: a Hamptonsy oyster bar/fish shack from the owners of Landmarc. Not surprisingly, Ditch Plains' smallish space looks crisp (Manhattan diners and building inspectors tend to frown upon actual shacks) but they're promising a casualness inspired by morning surf sessions in Montauk. They're offering: 7am Breakfast: When intrepid longboarders catch a hearty, post-ocean meal. Fortunately, Ditch'll serve omelets, hash browns and sausage all day, 'til 2am -- 2am pig being just one reason you're not much of a surfer.Classic Seafood: Hamptons classics (baked clams, lobster bisque, etc), plus slightly tweaked dishes like a Lobster Roll w/Aioli and Mussels w/Chorizo. Non-fishy entrées include a generous cured meat basket, possibly inspired by mornings on Fire Island. Oysters Everywhere: In your eggs, grits, and most importantly, your alcohol. Their Oyster Shooter's made with Landmarc's house Bloody mix: the usual suspects, plus stout beer and ketchup to slow the creep of the delicious snot-de-mer down your throat. If all that's not Hamptons enough for you, throw on some white clam-diggers, and misspend Ditch's opening night doing lines off the bathroom sink. If anybody knocks, tell them you had one too many mollusk shots.