Inside Gourmet Tours

Most people think that the Canadian experience is limited to Molson and sex with moose, but the reality is far tastier. Get an in at the best restaurants in Vancouver and Toronto with an Inside Gourmet Tour

Starting this month, the famed Metropolitan Hotels will be arranging wining/dining packages hitting up the most delicious eateries ever to be frequented by single-payer healthcare'd hockey junkies. Their debut Vancouver weekend begins with a preliminary concierge powwow phone call to establish your preferences/allergies, and to dispel any Mounties-related fears you may have. Upon your Friday arrival, a private car will shuttle you to your included accommodations, then on to your first gorging: Diva, a pioneer of Pacific-Northwest cuisine. Day Two is your nonstop gluttony fest: a city-wide nosh crawl culminating in dinner stop-and-eats at four spots selected by local food geniuses who know face-stuffing like Bobby Fischer knows chess, and racism. By the time you waddle onto your Sunday flight you'll have enjoyed a weekend more satisfying than the thought of Emeril spilling flaming pork grease all over his legs

Each Tour is limited to eight people, max -- but flexibility (in schedule, seating, etc.,) means you won't be forced to make cruise ship-style small talk with six obese strangers from Tallahassee. Whether you go next week or next month, to Vancouver or Toronto, you'll walk away from the weekend with respect for Canada, newly liberated from the haunting image of a Molson-fueled moose orgy.