Railz Snowskates

Skateboarding's great for feckless teenagers, but once you reach the age of insurance plans and sex with girls, the fear of a gory asphalt death takes over. Get your jollies in the nice soft snow with Railz Snowskates.Designed to bring free-footed bedlam to the open slopes, Railz replaces the skateboard's wheels with four mini skis. These truck-mounted sliders come attached to your choice of decks: a short, heavily-rockered trick board, and a longboard perfect for carving suavely down the mountain while yodeling the name of your favorite Swiss cough drops. Both deck options are surfaced with waterproof gripping, allowing you total traction for downhills and terrain parks, and the freedom to skate across flats -- past trudging snowboarders so dejected, not even the dankest bud can save them. If you happen to be an ex-sk8ter (or just hated your dad enough to impersonate one), you can winterize your old gear with a conversion kit ($60), mountable on any standard tech or long board. No matter which option you choose, you'll soon realize how sweet skating can be once you've quit worrying about shattering your face on a Buick.