Gift Returns

CDs: Lala$1.75 per CD received through Lala.comKeeping a physical reminder of the latest Clay Aiken musical abortion your aunt gifted you adds insult to injury. Throw it onto your Lala Have List, then ship it via a site-provided prepaid envelope in exchange for a CD on your Want List -- meaning some Midwestern housewife'll get her effeminate crooner and you'll get 9 tracks of Frank Drebbon covering Too $hort.DVDs: Peerflix$1.50 per DVD received through Peerflix.comLove Netflix but wish you could hold on to Fred Savage's The Wizard forever? Peerflix credits you every time you ship off a disc in a provided mailer -- credit you can use to acquire DVDs that don't feature chunky man-boys. You can also opt to have Peerflix cut you a check, instead -- in case Savage has been lurking around your office begging for change.Gift Cards: SwapAGiftGet most of the value of your submitted gift cards to SwapAGift.comGift cards have all the thoughtfulness of a swat to the penis. Get rid of these wastes of wallet space as soon as humanly possible by mailing them in to SwapAGift. Depending on the store it was intended to be blown at, you'll get back as much as 75% of whatever your card's worth. That's right: $15 of Talbots credit can get you a six-pack of tall boys.Books, Video Games, CDs, DVDs: Zunafish$1 (plus shipping) per trade through Zunafish.comYou don't read poetry but, shockingly, some people do -- so post your copy of Tupac's collected musings to Zunafish and see if you can get Guitar Hero in return. They handle CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes as well as video games, but foremost this is a chance to get something in exchange for crappy paperbacks -- perfect if the neighbors have begun complaining of the smoke unleashed by your Oprah's Book Club bonfires.Everything Else: FlippidMake trades for small service charges based on the value of your swapped item through Flippid.comLooking for someone who actually wants your Zune? For a tiny commission (2% of prices up to $100), Flippid will find the geek who's willing to pay your asking price. You, in turn, can use the $10 from the sale to buy the "I'm in love with a Stripper" t-shirt RacoonPyscho420 has apparently outgrown.