Graham Elliot, between bread

Even if you've reached the top it often pays to stay in touch with your roots, like Rocky returning to old school training in order to fight Drago, or Sly Stallone returning to Rocky in order to fight irrelevance. Pausing from fine dining to return to the sandwich: Grahamwich

From well-decorated chef/ubiquitous television personality Graham Elliot, Grahamwich's a fast-casual concept putting the man's skillz between bread, with the service counter surrounded by clean white paneled walls, cartoonish '50s-style food-adorned wallpaper, and a coffee station crafted from marble pulled from a church altar, making it a great place to go with your boys. The streamlined menu includes a Wisconsin Cheddar/curds grilled cheese w/ prosciutto and tomato marmalade; the pretzel-bun'd Beef Shortrib (baby watercress, shoestring potatoes, pickled shallots, creamy horseradish); and a pork shoulder/green mango/queso fresco/habanero mustard sandwich with crispy plantain "bread" called the Jibarito Press -- do multiple reps and you're bound to get swoll. On the side you can nab Yukon potato chips loaded with fresh herbs, bacon bits, cheddar, and ranch powder, plus grated-Parm-and-chive truffled popcorn, while finishers center on seasonal soft serve like cinnamon stick topped with pie crust, salted caramel, and roasted apple, which really had no idea being taunted as a Pink Lady would cut so deep to its core

Beverage-wise, they're serving Metropolis coffee (no decaf allowed) and tapping house-made sodas such as vanilla "kola", orange ginger, and root beer, though you'll need to hold the root if you plan on making it through Rocky 6.