Drunken Summer Camp

Just because you grew up and replaced childhood shenanigans with liquor and rock music doesn't mean you still don't long for shenanigans. Have your cake and drink it too at Little Radio's weekly Summer Camp. Taking over the warehouse that houses their internet radio station, LRSC spills into an adjacent, astroturfed parking lot with a heady blend of juvenile exuberance and sponsored stupification. Tell all your friends and get in on

  • Games: This year volleyball and badminton join ping pong, bouncy rooms, and rotating feats of spectacle (jousting, sumo, etc), for those still longing for color war redemption.
  • Water Sports: A poor man's Raging Waters, with kiddie pools, inflatable water slides, and slip-n-slides -- delighting females and undeveloped boys, brutally sterilizing grown men.
  • Food/Drink: Wash down your BBQ with free hooch from Dewars, Newcastle, and Budweiser, who're providing drunkenness without the stress of a mattress full of contraband.
  • Rock: Each week Little Radio invites up-and-coming indie-rock bands to provide a soundtrack for the mayhem, and fan the flames of partiers' residual resentment for father/counselor figures.

The icing on the cake's tattooed women: internet-pinup group Gods Girls are among the regular visitors upping the dose of sexy -- something you didn't get enough of as a shenaniganing child, and still crave as a drunken adult.