Food & Drink

An after-work bar with cabanas

Everyone deserves an after-work bar, and the denizens of Century "Check Out Our Mall" City are no exception. Like the first colonizing lichen to take root on barren rock: Xbar

Xbar's poised to drink deeply from the agent-y teat of CC's two recent transplants: CAA and ICM. Featuring cocktails made w/ hand-squeezed juices and gourmet finger foods, X caters to their suited hordes thusly

  • The stone bar'd front room's flanked by nightclubish cabanas, great for private meetings with important clients, or hiding from the boss after losing important clients.
  • The outdoor area's got a large digital screening area, complete with fire pits for subsequently destroying the only copy of Van Even Wilder.
  • For those few agents who enjoy drugs, the backroom's a cross between a Palm Springs guest house and Pee Wee's Playhouse: wicker chairs set against day-glo couches are complimented by imaginary crowds of puppets who'll shriek gleefully each time you say "spatula".

No matter which room you're in, each of the the ubiquitous flat-screens is equipped with a DVD player -- so whether you're in the 'hood craving a cocktail or just want to watch "The Running Man", you can hole up at Xbar until your ass becomes a colonizing lichen eating up a bar stool.