Just like Communist nations' Ministers of Information and Ron Popeil ("The Minister of Infomercial"), airlines espouse half-truths and inaccuracies. Instead of watching "On Time" propaganda instantly become "2HR Delay" reality, keep tabs on planes with FlightAware. FlightAware ignores sugarcoated airline treachery and gets pure, uncut information directly from air traffic control. They track more than 50,000 domestic flights daily, via 6.5+ million FAA radar positions and flight information messages -- equal to the number of travelers whose ignorance left them sleeping on O'Hare's vomit-and-"what-is-that?" stained carpets. From this wealth of data, FA plots flights on real-time maps, allowing you to eagerly watch your brother's plane inch across the screen until touchdown -- when you can finally tell him that he was adopted.Should you be the sucker who'll be at 26,000 feet, you can e-mail a direct link to your friends, family, and Stratego Meetup group so that they can track your trajectory. The downside's that once they realize how delayed your arrival really is, your travel time will double due to the walk home from the airport.