Long flights are loaded with sweaty armrest hogs, crying children, and women who are actually in love with their husbands. Beat the terrifying odds of sitting next to one of these monsters with AirTroductions.AirTroductions is an online networking service dedicated to matching fliers with compatible plane mates. Your profile includes the basics (interests, languages spoken, a picture) as well as flying-specific details (preferred airport, favorite airline, hot towel?). But the site really sets itself apart by letting you decide what role you'd like your single-serving friend to fill: a hotel bar boozer, a cab splitter, a potential romantic interest -- you can even specify someone who won't talk to you. Once your profile's set, just enter the itineraries for your future flights -- or take a stab at where hot girls might be heading, then pretend you're celebrating Hanukkah in Iceland.The service is new and the membership's still growing, so don't expect your next red-eye to yield someone who'll donate you a kidney. Still, it's free to browse profiles, and you can always broaden your travel info to check out everyone who's leaving from your airport the same time as you. Contacting a match is only $5 -- a small price to avoid shrieking rug rats, faithful wives, and fatties who won't share their KFC.