Fur Hammock

The hammock is the ultimate relaxation vehicle, combining lazy swaying with the weightlessness of the movie SpaceCamp. Since such soothing shouldn't be limited to those scant summer months, ensconce your dreaming ass in the Fur Hammock.The PETA-enraging vision of the renowned Paris/Berlin-based design studio Bless, these handcrafted hammocks are a fusion of arty decadence and superfluous slaughter. The fuzzy slings are available in two sizes: single (4.5 x 6.5ft) and double (6 x ~8ft) -- a pelt so vast, you'll risk your repose being disturbed by horny young Yetis. This silky hunk of furniture comes in ultraluxe silver fox, black cashmere-ish sheep, or the tan and beige skins of coyotes that proved themselves considerably less than wily. One of the few boutiques to carry Bless, Seven New York is ready to expedite your one-of-a-kind swinger's shipment from Europe. It'll take 4-8 weeks for your royal cushiness to be handmade and shipped, but the wait'll feel worth it when you drift into a sleep normally reserved for newborn babes gone native among a pack of pot-smoking minks.