Officine Watch

When selecting a timepiece, there's a razor-thin line separating diamond-encrusted pimpwear from free-with-McNuggets toyishness. But there is such an in-between wristwatch: a limited-edition DPMHI x Know1edge Officine.The unholy lovechild of London-based survival gear-fetishists DPMHI and Hong Kong streetwear gods Know1edge, the Officine is a chunky-yet-streamlined attention-grabber available in two flavors. The black Stealth's face is emblazoned with DPMHI's signature camo design -- a pattern as subtle as the company's name is unwieldy. The Hi Visibility has a reversible orange/black wristband for color-coordinating with either your tuxedo or prison jumpsuit. Eschewing geeky exhibitionism, the Officine's genuine Swiss guts are only revealed through the clear back cover and so -- much like your uncle's powerful glutes -- remain hidden until flipped over.To match Know1edge's Hong Kong zip code, only 852 Officines are being made (500 Stealths and 352 Hi Visibilities). Even though they only went on sale this week, clued-in k1ds have already pre-ordered half of the available stash, so get yours now -- and leave everyone else to find chronographic solace in their so-called Happy Meals.