Gift That Guide

Steven Alan Cashmere Hat:$95 at StevenAlan.comEven in the frostbitten depths of hat season, there will always be events too sophisticated to attend in a Wu Tang beanie or Russian ushanka. Try Steven Alan's 100% cashmere skullcap: butter-soft, warm, and the perfect length to crank down over a delicate, fleshy dome.Fra' Mani:$52-$165 at Store.FraMani.comWidely regarded as true masters of the art of salumi, a gift from this Berkeley, CA company will inspire awe in indiscriminant gorgers and haughty, cased-meat aficionados alike. Their gift set includes a sweet, house specialty Salame Nostrano and a classic Salametto that will make even the finest store-bought salami taste like bike tire.Burton Audex:$420 at SkiBuckmans.comBurton's bluetooth Audex jacket's back for another season of snowy tuneage, but this year it's almost $200 cheaper.Husch Vineyards Wine Club:$200 at HuschVineyards.comThe ultimate present if you're a recidivist jerk, your giftee gets two half-case shipments from Anderson Valley, CA's most historic winery. The contents are comprised of Top Cellar offerings like gold-label pinot noirs and the pie-pairable Gewurztraminer. Better, the installments come every six months, so your grateful buddy will still invite you to his summer house in July, even if you set his cat on fire in March.Oregon Wild Hair Mustache Wax:$8 at OregonWildHair.comA muffed-out lip requires diligent maintenance. To that end, this boutique operation's bushy-faced owner has developed the perfect formula of beeswax and lanolin to keep pristine even the rangiest cookie-duster. SpeakerCraft TIME Five System:$750 at SpeakerCraft.comThese remote-controlled speakers mount flush into the ceiling, but when activated, drop down and tilt up to 45 degrees to project sound in any pre-set direction -- perfect for that friend whose wall-space is completely taken up by his collection of aging salumis.Willy Warmers:$5+ at WillyWarmers.comBecause giving the gift of a toasty Johnson tells your pal "you're OK by me, chilly nuts".