Paradise Citi

Whether you're looking to buy or rent, finding a Manhattan apartment can be a trauma of wasted time, rejection, and tear-stained 2-ply Facial Tissues Plus Lotion With Aloe. Instead of flailing around on your own, give Citi Habitats a shot.

With 900 licensed professionals and staff, plus the largest listings database in NYC, Citi Habitats is the ultimate resource for both the starving intern and the not-starving CEO. They've also got street-level storefronts in every neighborhood, a presence that makes them tight with everyone who matters: from property managers, landlords and supers, to dry cleaners, plumbers, and Mister Softee scoopers.

Here are just some of the types of properties these guys can put you into:

  • A convenient Midtown unit, so you can promise to walk to work, then spend a fortune on very short cab rides.
  • A sprawling Chelsea loft, where you could play gallerist and host openings for neighborhood artists -- or, if you're a true patron of the arts, sit on a giant couch and watch television.
  • An upscale Upper West apartment, for if you're moving up in the world, or just entered the purgatory of fatherhood.
  • With all their info, expertise, and experience, Citi Habitats just makes the most sense when you're looking for a place to live. Unless your great aunt dies and leaves you her $200/month rent-controlled 2-bedroom. Then, Citi Habitats makes the second most sense.