Meet the Pod People

Your towering CD rack was once a source of great personal pride, but now that downloadable music's king, it serves as a giant monument to pathetic dinosaurism. Hurl yourself into the modern era with PodPacker.PPack is a service that'll take your CDs off your hands, convert the music into digital files, and furnish you with a brand new iPod to load your now compact collection onto. First, list out your titles* and email the list over to PPacker; they'll then decide what they can take and what they'll tease you viciously for. You then pack up the lucky lot and ship them off -- the company'll credit that cost toward the new iPod you're getting. Ultimately the number of discs PPacker accepts determines the size of the iPod: 100 CDs earns you a Shuffle, on up to 450 for a souped-up 80gig. So you have something to fill it with, they'll send you an MP3-loaded DVD of all the music they bought, so you can sync-up the jams that you want -- then forget you ever owned those other 13 songs by Chumbawumba.Be warned: there're entire crap categories they won't touch -- no promo, classical, or mix discs -- so you're stuck with the Itzak Perlman box set and that thumping "Glow Sticks and Pacifiers Mix" you burned after Spring Break Acapulco. But you'll still pare down your catalog and free up shelves for your audio crown jewel: that motherload of bitchin' eight-tracks.
* You must have intact jewel cases and liners to complete trades