Omelet Pan

So, you somehow managed to satisfy her drunken lust and not drool in her ear while sleeping. Unfortunately, you still face the third requirement for random hook-up success: sending her off with a decent morning meal. Get yourself Chef Giornali's Omelet Pan, and give her a breakfast bon voyage she'll never forget.

This shadowy chef's OP lets you create a Denny's-perfect triple-fold omelet without even picking up a spatula. The mechanism is simple: Double-sided paddles sit flush in the non-stick skillet and fold each side with the flick of a switch. The end result will be will be so inviting, she'll overlook you using gym socks as napkins

To ensure you have something to fill this immaculate eggvelope, it comes with a 6" sautee pan. Once you've mastered proper flipsmanship, expand your post-coital culinary arsenal by using the OP for pancakes and blintzes. But beware the panty-dropping powers of crepes, or your one-night stand will turn into a mewing, full-time girlfriend faster than Chef Ginorali can make a Spanish omelet.