Whether you're sitting on a bar stool or drifting on a raft in the Caspian Sea, having your cellphone die can be a catastrophe. Carry a Mobcharger, and never go incommunicado again.The MC is an environmentally friendly, back-up battery that provides instant power for most cellphones. Each Capri Sun-sized pouch holds a zinc-carbon cell with enough juice to give your phone 90 minutes of talk time or 8hrs of standby. Because it has a five-year shelf-life, you can unplug it immediately after use, and save your charge for the next time you have a Laotian food emergency. And since the MC is sold with a variety of power plugs, it's compatible with everything from your girlfriend's pink RAZR to the scratched-up free phone that's been holding your contacts hostage since Deuce Bigalow I was in theaters. Right now, the Mobcharger is available online and in Europe, though the MC crew is working on retail deals within the U.S. So order one up and your drunken hook-up, steaming pizza delivery, or Russian Coast Guard rescue will be a phone call away.