Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions

These days, going back to grad school is vital: not only does it improve your salary potential, it also places you near saucy coeds desperate to find an earner before their parents cut them off. Here's why you need all the help you can get on those fiercely competitive LSAT and GMAT entrance exams:

  • The last time you took a standardized test, the #1 Pencil was king, and the #2 Pencil was nothing but a lunatic's fantasy.
  • You've completely forgotten how to study. You did participate in a study, but that was on the effects of alcohol on post-pubescent bed-wetters.
  • Graduating from a top program assures the kind of take-home only rivaled by a cunning embezzlement scam.
  • You think GMAT is a rapper.

GMAT or LSAT Insider now -- unless mingling makes you sweat unnaturally, in which case you should visit KapTest.com for course info. Either way, you'll get a leg up on less-prepared applicants. A leg you can later use to crush their professional dreams.