Sake Bombing

A night of sake bombing guarantees a ritualistic, forced drinking marathon, perfect for large groups, or dates that will end shamefully sometime the next morning. Of course, it's critical your go-to spot has low prices, above-average sushi and almost limitless free-flowing sake. Here's how we bomb:

Cube 63: A raucous, shoebox-sized, Lower East Side BYO where they'll laugh in your face if you arrive with less than 2 magnums of sake* and a case Sapporo. Here, you can bomb carelessly and wildly without having to worry about scrubbing toilets to pay off your bill. The super-fresh sushi is amazing, and so reasonably priced you'll shell out less than $50 for the fish, the booze, and the resulting drunken fisticuffs you'll have with your date over the last Volcano Roll. Cube even takes reservations, and can handle groups up to 12 -- 11 more people than currently accept your phone calls.

If you can't get to Cube, try Azuki Sushi, three doors down from Sushi Samba and 1/3 the price. The crowd sucks, but that's irrelevant: provided you order dinner, the sake's all-you-can-drink, and free. We have no idea how they can afford this magnanimity, but hopefully it's because they're Yakuza, as brutal new hitmen are so hard to find.

You're more than welcome to try other ethnic drink/food combinations. But unlike Car Bombs and corned beef, or gin and spotted dick, this one-two will leave you with drunken delusions of invincibility instead of paralyzing stomach explosions.

*Make sure you have a shot with owner/chefs Ben and Ken. This will give you an opportunity to harangue them about trying to ruin your life with their pending liquor license application.