Crazy Guy Quiz Results

1) When you see a crazy man on the subway, you ask yourself57.87% "How did he get so crazy?" 24.53% "If things had gone differently, could I be like him?" 17.47% "Does he have a monthly MetroCard?"

2) When you flash a warning stare to an approaching crazy man, it's best summed up with the words64.47% "Back off, I'm not taking your crazy crap today." 23.73% "Back off, because underneath my casual menswear I'm just as crazy as you are." 11.67% "If you kill me, I will be missed."

3) If a crazy man exits a crowded train, would you take his possibly-tainted seat?70.6% No. 20.07% Yes. 9.27% Yes, but only if I have an AM New York to lay over it.

4) Have you ever engaged a crazy ranting man in debate? 69.87% No. 23.53% Yes. 6.47% Yes, but his position on fuel cell technology was completely bogus!

5) When confronted with a crazy man's glare, you prefer to20.05% Stare at your shoes. 49.54% Attempt to translate Spanish language attorney ads. 29.48% Fiddle with your iPod. 0.27% Hand over your iPod.

6) Who of these, if any, actually bother you more than crazy men?10.93% Those guys who sing 1950s doo-wop songs. 39.93% People taking up three seats with giant sacks of clothes bought off a west African guy's table on Broadway. 27.87% Kids selling M&Ms. 20.6% That guy who won't quit putting his hand on your dong.

7) Crazy men are most helpful during those times when you need55.67% A reminder that there are people out there less fortunate than you. 16.53% A reminder that there are people out there less handsome than you. 27.53% Someone to scare your girlfriend into shutting the hell up.

8) Which aspect of crazy behavior do you yourself exhibit most often?46.84% Staring. 20.56% Muttering. 3.33% Stinking. 29.14% Spending hours nervously completing meaningless questionnaires.