Your backstabbing has finally landed you that corner office, free from prying eyes. It's obviously time to start watching TV on the job. Since you can't smuggle in a plasma, buy a Slingbox, a device that broadcasts to your computer screen whatever's playing on your television at home.Slingbox has been around a few months, and frankly we're shocked you don't already own one. The set-up is simple: you hook up a Slingbox to your broadband connection, and to your video source -- whether it's satellite, cable, or the TiVo* you've used to collect every episode of That's So Raven (including the rarely rerun pilot wherein Raven frenches Theo Huxtable). It won't matter if your promotion means longer hours; aside from wearing pants, you'll be doing the same thing at your desk you'd be doing on your couch

Of course, Slingbox isn't only for your place of employment. You can also use it:

  • On vacation. Instead of execrable foreign programming like Real World: Djibouti, you can tune into exceptional American shows like Real World: Las Vegas.
  • At WiFi-hosting city parks. No more guilt about staying indoors; now you can take advantage of a beautiful day, and catch the Walker: Texas Ranger marathon on USA.
  • To bust your roommate watching Skinemax... before maliciously flipping the channel to Murder She Wrote, rendering him sexually useless for the rest of his life.

Slingbox isn't perfect: the video quality is far from that of DVD, and you need a Windows XP-equipped PC to use it. But considering that a flawless system would signal your complete withdrawal from human society, that might not be a bad thing.

*Slingbox actually allows you to operate your TiVo as if you have the remote in hand.