White Collar Boxing

Everyone loves a fight -- especially between the unskilled and untrained. Whether you want to step into the ring or cower safely behind the ropes, White Collar Boxing at Gleason's Gym offers all the gory drama you crave. Plus, their monthly sub-amateur event is cheap and closer to home than Vegas, where you'd be sitting 35 rows behind James Vanderbeek, craning to see Tyson feast on human flesh.

At White Collar Boxing, no pros or registered amateurs are allowed to fight. It's just average SOB's and B's, locked together for three, two-minute rounds of pure, sweaty punishment. If you "catch the fever", sign yourself up. Registration is day-of, and Gleason's provides gloves and headgear*. Bringing in a corner man is recommended, but if your friends are easily bought, we suggest you let Gleason's furnish you with one.

Some of the contestants foolishly harbor pro aspirations, though many of them are actually real people, making for endlessly fascinating match-up possibilities:

  • Bernice, obese deli patron vs. Kulap Srisai, poorly tipped waitress, a.k.a. "The Million Baht Baby"
  • "Uber-promoter" Noah Tepperberg vs. disgruntled Marquee rejectees, Phil +2
  • Goldman options trader vs. UBS research analyst, slugging it out for the Microsoft Excel "Worst Social Life" Belt

The brawlers might be bastards, but Gleason's pedigree is impeccable: Ali, Frazier, and even the immortal Dwight "The Taco" Quai have trained there. But it's the fact that regular guys like you can walk on that makes this event such a wild Saturday, even if you won't get the chance to drop Vanderbeek in the parking lot.

*$20 to enter, $15 to watch