Polite society finds dipping disgusting, but making it even more repulsive are the inevitable makeshift spittoons: mangled, sticky cans, sloshing bottles, the floor... Make your spitting more efficient -- and handsome -- with DipTops.

The DT is a dishwashable funnel that snaps onto the tops of 12 and 16 ounce cans, eliminating the need for digit-decapitating hole-widening techniques. The inner cone slopes into an offset funnel spike aimed right through the hole of the can. The airtight rim seals around the lip, and the length of the interior spout ensures that even if your spit-jug gets tipped over, it won't dribble into your bubblebath

Because accidentally swapping spit with your buddies is more horrifying than mouth cancer, DT offers multi-colored top options to keep things straight. Buy a four pack, and your whole chaw-chomping crew will be seen as more thoughtful and sophisticated -- even without teeth or half a tongue.