Materialust Shirts

The worst part about comfortable, banged-up old t-shirts are that once they reach perfect softness, they begin to decompose at an alarming rate, like that guy who played Mr. Belding. Counter this age-old problem with a shirt from Materialust.These 100% cotton tees are softer than a newborn's skull, but triple-stitch reinforced, so they won't shred at the shoulders after three washings. Featured on this soft, durable garment canvas are distinctive designs of Middle Eastern postcards, matchbooks, and, uh, napkins: the perfect way to convey you're fearlessly well-traveled and a potential threat to international diplomacy.The tees come in both long and short sleeves, and are jiggy enough to wear out, giving you the purposeful dress-down look that radiates "struggling actor with a recreational drug habit". In other words, you'll look good, and you won't have to worry about your shirt falling apart at its weakest points. Unlike that guy who played Mr. Belding.