Double Feature Finder

Back-to-back movies are hard to coordinate, mostly because your second viewing option always seems to be of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants-variety. Dry your eyes, Ya-Ya, because Double Feature Finder is here. DFF works just like any other movie show time database, but to help you move smoothly between flicks, it plots films on a timeline. Next to each listing is a "show double features" hyperlink that reveals what's playing immediately after. There's also a convenient "Buy" option for tickets to the first feature, and to the second -- for moviegoers who live Biblically or begin flop-sweating when participating in even the most minimal amount of lawlessness.While the site discourages "sneaking" into movies, don't let their half-hearted guilt trip stand in the way of your cinematic coma. Thanks to DFF, you'll finally be able to experience the hypnotic mind-blow of World Trade Center/How to Eat Fried Worms -- staying adequately stoned throughout is your only responsibility.