Mexico Mansion

Even though you'll act like a crazed pig at your next bachelor party, there's no reason for your accommodations to be equally classless. To celebrate in a place that's way too good for you, rent out Acapulco's Mexico Mansion. MM looks so much like the stereotypical druglord mansion, you'll expect a silk-robed dead man to be floating in the pool. Instead, you and 23 friends will have a choice of two pools to play dead in. This 20,000sq ft palace also has 12 suites, four Jacuzzis, and a swim-up bar for partially submerged cavorting.To make it even more Escobar-ish, MM has three widescreen televisions, a huge sound system, and a detox-friendly steam room. Plus, you'll have a 'round-the-clock staff: chef, waiter, maids, and a personal butler to facilitate your drunken demands for a snifter full of cookie dough.And like all good mansionites, MM residents get VIP access to nearby clubs and restaurants. If the bachelor's boorishness gets him booted, don't worry about him returning to America w/o consummating a pre-adulterous tryst -- it should be very easy to convince complete strangers to come back to a MANSION.