Wines 'Til Sold Out

If you want to be flush with quality wine, but are too lazy to research good vintages or hold down the kind of job it takes to afford them, try

Beginning at 12am each day, WTSO showcases a single high-rated wine and discounts it 30-70% for 24hrs. Each day's feature comes with WTSO's take on the bottle, plus stats, ratings, and blessedly brief excerpts from authorities like Wine Spectator and Wine Advocate. Notable recent deals include 70% off of a Very Special Reserve Merlot, $70 off a Napa Bordeaux, and a bargain-bin Domaine Jean Grivot Vosne-Romanee 2000 -- a name so wildly refined, its mere utterance will make you the cat's pajamas at Cheesecake Factory dinner parties. In two weeks, WTSO will also start "Monday Marathons", an oenophilic lightning round featuring wines either so low in stock or high in demand they'll sell out within hours. And just like during the rest of the week, once the deal's gone, it's gone. So check the site and blindly buy whatever's available, secure in the knowledge that it'll make you feel like a connoisseur -- even as you slothfully refuse to shoo away cockroaches using your bellybutton lint as throw pillows.