Logitech's Harmony 1000 Universal Remote

Universal remotes are supposed to make your a/v life easier, but programming them is so frustrating, they quickly get relegated to the "expensive blunt objects to throw at houseguests" pile. Shipping this week, the Harmony 1000 actually delivers on convenience, while freeing valuable coffee table space for a tire-sized bowl of cashews. At first glance, The H1K resembles any other top of the line remote, but it's lighter, made from better materials, and has a 3.5" touchscreen. It also costs more -- but spares you the button-by-button teaching process other universals require to function. Rather than spending hours with your remotes head-to-head regurgitating and testing commands, the H1K is easily configured in minutes with a few clicks from your PC. Just install the accompanying Logitech software, input the model numbers of your TV, cable box, stereo, etc. and it immediately and automatically enables your Harmony with every single function your gear offers. And that's it -- easy as not flossing.As a bonus, Harmony's also loaded with the mysterious-sounding Z-Wave infrared system, making it compatible with a huge range of other, simpler devices -- electronic blinds, light dimmers, coffee makers, air conditioners, and even garage doors. So get your H1K, cue your movie, dim your lights, and order your giant robot bartender to make you a Stinger -- all from the comforts of your nut-covered couch.