Buzz Off Shirts

Whether hiking, fishing, or spending time in your buddy's shockingly marshy backyard, it's tough to enjoy the crisp fall weather when you have to slather yourself in poison just to prevent insects from gnawing your flesh. Forego noxious lotions and sprays with a Buzz Off shirt. Available in short and long-sleeves, at first glance the Buzz Off is your typical outdoorsy LL Bean shirt, replete with fisherman-friendly pockets and back ventilation. What you don't see is the magical, odorless, repellent-infused liner that allows you to march through a cloud of mosquitoes un-sucked. It'll also repel hitchhiking chiggers and kamikaze ticks hell-bent on vampiring you with Lyme Disease. On your chest. Be warned that the shirts only maintain their special de-bugging powers up to 25 washes -- but unless you're a West Nile virologist, that should last you a couple of seasons. By then, you'll just have a beaten-in, comfortable shirt that could easily become your go-to for any casual occasion -- as long as it coordinates with Calamine pink.