Seat Snapper

Whether you're looking for tickets to an NFL game or the big Styx reunion show, sifting through a bunch of shady brokers can make you want to sail away to virgin seas. Never again, thanks to Snapper's a one-stop shopping portal for literally any ticket you want, whether it's being sold on eBay or through any number of massive online brokers. Start by entering in your keywords -- location, venue, or team -- which lead you to a results page broken out by category. Once you pick your artist/location/date there's an interactive map of the venue enabled with a price slider that highlights the sections you can afford. On the left there'll be a dynamic list of all tickets in your range. Click "Buy" and before you know it you'll be throwing your girlfriend's underwear at decrepit Styx babe magnet, Tommy Shaw. The Snapper also obliterates your previous tedious searches because it lets you:

  • View available seats for multiple events at the same venue -- you can finally see if sleeping in your aisle after Wrestlemania will enable you to catch Disney on Ice the next day.
  • Forward your ticket choices to friends, so you won't be sitting alone in Gallagher's hallowed Watermelon Row.
  • Sync up to your Google Calendar to filter out events that conflict with your schedule -- so you won't buy NBA Finals tickets, only to remember a previously scheduled colonoscopy.

The Snapper currently offers "Favorites" and email alerts, and will soon allow members to set up personalized home pages. With all these features, this is the only site you need, whether you're aiming for Super Bowl tickets or a riotous evening covered in fruit.