Klasik's Vintage Sunglasses

Top of the line of shades are supposed to fierce up your mug, but a brand new pair of $400 Persols tends to make you look more Crazy Tom Cruise than classic Hollywood hero. Check out 20th Century Eyewear, and they'll have you looking like Steve McQueen, or even Burt Reyn...Steve McQueen.Based in the UK, TCE boasts the world's most extensive online collection of vintage shades. Each pair is broken down by era, manufacturer, country of origin, and prior wear (sadly, there's no indication as to whether the original owner died of Prussian Eye Rot). In addition to styles pre-dating WWII, TCE also features a wide variety of brands (European, Japanese, etc) that never made it to the U.S. Highlights include top-down-Porsche-worthy 1950s RayBans, Italian 60s-style tea-shades, and 70s sport Polaroids in an orange so vibrant, you'll instantly gain that coveted Dune Buggy racer/dickhead ski-pro vibe.As for prescription lense-wearers, TCE carries a wide enough "frames only" selection to satisfy even the nattiest myopic. And if you're concerned that the "worn" pair you're buying might be too worn, drop TCE an e-mail and they'll get back to you quickly, sometimes within the hour. After your specs arrive and you plop them on your face, you'll soon recognize their true power when Loni Anderson starts mailing you her panties.