Ticket Reserve.com

Unless you're a nipple-slipping celebrity (or nipple-slipping corporate sponsor), you'll most likely have to let a ticket broker ravish your mother in order to attend a championship football game. Invest in the postseason now, with TicketReserve.com

An options market for championship tickets, TR offers you rights (or "FanForwards") to buy face value tickets if/when your team becomes eligible for a BCS game, NFC/AFC championship, Super Bowl appearance, etc. The price is determined by the likelihood of the game coming to pass. For example, fans of perennial crapdogs the Arizona Cardinals can secure NFC Championship FANForwards for $10. Conversely, rights to the division-leading Chicago Bears have been driven up to between $300-400 each. But if the Bears suffer a late season collapse, you'll see those prices drop precipitously as thousands of mustachioed maniacs panic and sell their Super Bowl aspirations for pork chops

Of course, you don't have to be a fan to play the TR options market. This is a perfect opportunity to make money off some slow-moving Bears' bandwagoneers -- or sleep with their brat-smelling mothers.