Magnetic Beer Coozie

If you went tailgating last weekend, you may have had your beer kicked over in the parking lot or, worse, spilled all over your trunk, ensuring DWIs at every checkpoint for months. Obviously, you need a Magnetic Beer Coozie.With magnets sewn right into the neoprene, the MCoozie slaps right on to the side of a car, keeping your brew cold, and freeing up your hands for other tailgating activities (tossing a football, cooking sausage, juggling flaming ears of corn). Unlike their Fridge Poetry cousins, these magnets are strong enough to support a full 12ozs -- so there'll be no need to worry about your beverage doing a slow-motion descent to the unforgiving pavement as you breathlessly perform your pants-off endzone dance in Lot G.For added protection, the MagCooz comes with an adjustable strap which'll tighten snugly around either a bottle or a can. So whether you're chugging from glass or aluminum, if someone drives off in the Honda mid-tailgate, rest assured your beer will be waiting safely when you break into your clueless friend's garage later that evening.