Start Your Big Fat Baggage Collection

Having the right overnight bag makes last minute weekenders a snap, but most guys would rather throw their clothes into a hospital waste drum than go luggage shopping. Instead, here are three options that'll have you hogging the overhead compartment like a globetrotting bastard.Triple 5 Soul Addict Weekender Bag: $69This VCR-sized bag is inexpensive, rugged, and compact -- perfect for briefly escaping a hysterical girlfriend. It's got six lined pockets for all your basic needs (toothbrush, deodorant, iPod, jumbo bag of gummy genitals) and its body is deep enough to swallow all your favorite clothes and cherished childhood mementos -- just in case someone gets all Left Eye Lopez while you're gone.Briggs and Riley TriFold Bag: $200If you have a business trip, shotgun wedding, or a shotgun business trip, a wrinkly, misshapen suit will have you resembling a drunk who sleeps in his car. While the B&R may look like a nylon carry-on, it unrolls into a garment sleeve that'll hold 2-3 suits. There's also plenty of room inside for folded clothes and toiletries, plus two removable shoe pockets -- ensuring that you won't footprint your dress shirt with fluffy crimson chunks of the bird you stomped during your dash to the airport.Aaron Barak Aviator Bag: $1,075Modeled after an old-fashioned doctor's kit (yet with a senselessly aviation-themed name), this sturdily constructed leather bag's wide mouth allows even the dandiest stunt pilot gynecologist to stack his shirts and pants. It is expensive, but it'll make a fine heirloom when your son decides he too wants to lead a life filled with air shows and pap smears.