Toy Watch

The right watch can make you look like a flinty-eyed lothario regardless of what outfit you're wearing, but finding a unique one is tough and can mean resorting to gaudy patterns or superfluous, useless mechanisms. Slap on a Toy Watch and your hairy wrist will soon become your most stylish body part. Designed by Italian watch heavyweight Marco Mavilla, these limited edition watches are made of clear acrylic (down to the chunky, linked bracelet) and come in six different styles. Each merges classic timepiece design with Swatch-like casualness -- a move that's placed them right next to Maserati keys and Kabbalah foot deodorizer inserts in celebrity gift bags. Standout collections include the burly Sport Chronos, the Mother of Pearl, and the dressed-down Toy Watch Oversized -- sporting an adjustable nylon band, it looks good with everything from a tuxedo to an adult diaper.Unlike avocado-colored Breguets that tell Moon-time, TWs are completely affordable. Buy one online or use their handy store locator to pick one up in person, and soon enough you'll be decked out in Depends, sneaking into the Viper Room to proudly show off your new Toy.