Worn Again

If you laugh at homeless men who wear boxes on their feet as they chase after friendly, imaginary dinosaurs, the joke's on you. Thanks to Worn Again, trash-based footwear is in style.

WA is a reclaimed material/sneaker mash-up from London-based treehuggers Terra Plana and Anti-Apathy. The two joined forces in 2004 after discovering that each year 900,000 tons of textiles are dumped into UK landfills -- most of which could easily be repurposed. They began using old t-shirts, jeans, bicycle tubing, blankets, coffee bags, and lightly charred fireman's trousers to create limited-edition sneakers perfect for both dressed up cocktail occasions and crack-addled dumpster diving

Here are the latest styles in refuse:

Escape: A low-top, lace-up tennis-sole sneaker with an interior made either from t-shirts or old jeans. Depending on which style you choose (Prison, Nature, or T-Shirt), you'll get outer panels made from either car leather, coffee bean bags, military parachutes, or tattered prison blankets -- rescued from a Liverpool jail's failed Cuddle Buddy rehabilitation program

Jack: This slip-on is a nattier version of the Escape: made from various jackets, each fastens with four actual coat buttons. Exteriors include old suits, Army surplus jackets, and English-style plaid tweed -- just like the Duke of Norchesterton wore, except this is garbage

Last year's models sold out quickly, so be sure to place your order as soon as possible (they run large, so order one size down). Otherwise, you'll be forced to wear sneakers made of expensive materials not rescued from a diaper-stuffed landfill.