Gribble Nation

The classic Sunday dilemma: To sports-bar, or not to sports-bar? Easily find out if your favorite team is on TV, with Gribble Nation.Every Thursday morning GN posts a nationwide map of who's getting what game where. They break down the matchups by network (Fox and CBS) and date -- all you have to do is click the timeslot and you'll see in bright color who's getting the 49ers at 4 p.m. and who'll be stuck watching Fox's encore presentation of "Man vs.Beast 6". And because you're getting this information days before everybody else, you'll be the one with the reservation while everyone else is jostling for stool position at McDumpy's Chugzone Tavern. As for blackouts, GN specially identifies areas where affiliates won't be airing your game. So, instead of scrolling forward 72 hours on your interactive cable menu, you'll know if you'll be getting your beloved Reggie Bush-less Texans in the comfort of your own home, or getting mocked at McDumpy's for cheering such a sucky team.