Royal Elastics Sneakers

In this sneaker-saturated world, it's tough to find a style that sets you apart without spending $400 on a pair of Triple Limited Edition Jil Sander "Night Sanders". Enter Royal Elastics, a boutique-y sneaker company that'll separate you from the masses for a reasonable price

Created by two eccentric Australians, REs are only available in limited retail outlets Stateside, so unless you go to Perth, you'll be one of a handful of people to have them. Their styles range from updated classic to corporate-coolness-meets-Tron-Olympian. All their sneakers are equipped with an innovative stretch-fit/Velcro-like system that provides singularly easy slip-in-and-outage

Here are three solid representatives to welcome you to the high stakes world of Aussie sneaker pimpdom:


The Pentor's a classic running shoe with a leather outsole, "mushroom" body, and "sandwich" mesh inlays. It not only looks cool, but also plants a subliminal message that will leave you helpless to the power of the portobello panini


Although it sounds like a Japanese space monster, this is actually RE's suede and plush buck sneaker. Its plaid inlays give it that subtle style splash reserved too long for a bagpiper's underwear


Designed like a 70s tennis sneaker, it's the perfect shoe to wear with jeans or corduroys, or loan to a shoeless Bjorn Borg.