Worn Free

Rock stars always get the best of everything: cars, women, and even t-shirts. Spare yourself the drama of wrecked Corvettes and gonorrhea, and grab yourself a shirt at Worn Free

WF replicates the exact tees worn by musical legends so closely that by wearing one, you'll open yourself up to typical rocker risks like groupie hordes, paparazzi stalkers, and Yoko Ono. For each super-soft 100% cotton shirt, designer Steve Coe takes an iconic photo -- Joey Ramone glaring at the camera, Gram Parsons standing outside a Cali taco stand, Frank Zappa looking creepy -- and recreates the shirt they're wearing in every detail. Each comes with a tag of the original photo, additional proof that, despite your atonal shower croaking, you and John Lennon are, in fact, the very same person

Though wearing a Worn Free shirt sounds like mere celebrity worship, it's not: Foo Fighters' drummer Taylor Hawkins regularly sports one, and Eddie Vedder likes his so much, he personally called the company to order more -- proving that even rock stars want to look like rock stars.