Throwback Goldmine

If you like to wear retro gear, but feel like a wang rocking Rick Springfield concert tees and random, ironic ringers from apocryphal day camps, try a sportier route at Spokane-based company sells replica vintage warm-up clothing from defunct professional sports teams so ancient, they used dog's heads for balls. Choose t-shirts, hoodies, or sweatshirts from short-lived organizations like the United States Football League (Memphis Showboats, Philadelphia Stars), or the National American Soccer League (Tacoma Tides, San Francisco Golden Gales), or go for a ridiculously named 1920s minor league baseball team (Boise Milkskimmers, Bonham Boogers). Thanks to intense archival research, all of the clothing features original logos, screen-printed onto soft, pre-shrunk cotton cut and processed to feel just like broken-in high school practice gear (so you can stop nuding 17-year-olds at football practice).TM plans to expand their line to include baseball hats and perfect-for-laying-around-and-adjusting-your-junk sweatpants. Meanwhile, they'll continue to augment their catalogue, including their Ivy League roster -- suggesting either a love for sporty elitism, or that soon Ivy League athletic programs will go the way of the Bonham Boogers.