Friday's here, so it's time to rundown what's hot and what's not. Go live your weekend like an unchained Viking.CULTURAL EPHEMERAHot: Cheerleader Ninjas DVD$7.99 at CdUniverse.comThe classic B-movie makes its long-awaited DVD debut. For anyone who's ever been spurned by cheerleaders -- or ninjas -- this is the film you've been waiting for your whole life.Not:Teddy Babes$650 at Teddy-Babes.comNo man should ever spend $650 on a plush toy, even if it is a cuddly, four-and-a-half-foot female model you can have tender, stuffed-animal sex with. $600, maybe.GADGETRYHot: Self-stirring Coffee Mug$29.95 for 2 at Hammacher.comNever use your finger as a stirrer again with this propellor-equipped mug. With just a flick of a button, you'll have your milk, sugar, and hot liquid of choice spiraling together in a creamy, caffeinated tornado. Not: Self-stirring Coffee Cake in MugAs lofty a dream as it is to drink cake, the propellor isn't strong enough to liquefy it. BUSINESS ACCESSORYHot: Gentlemen's Ball Scratcher$15.95 at EpartyUnlimited.comThis 9-inch, pewter scratcher is ideal for when it's best to keep your hand out of your pants. Gentleman's Uni-Ball ScratchingAvailable at UniBall.comA great pen, but scrotally useless, as the ink gets all over your pants and the pointy tip makes it dangerous.

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