De Gustibus

Main Entry: Di*ver*sion Date Function: Noun

1. Any date in which the responsibility of running the show is taken away from the man, and placed on the shoulders of another person, place, or thing.

Example: I took Cleo on a diversion date, and between the trapeze show and tuxedoed monkey servers, I didn't have to do jack.
Imagine getting credit for planning and executing a romantic extravaganza without even having to maintain conversation with your date. It can happen at the De Gustibus Cooking School, where a huge lineup of rotating guest chefs prepare gourmet meals for a small classroom of mesmerized, drooling diners. Catch culinary heroes like Daniel Boulud here, and you can let an A-list gourmet's savvy cheffery do the talking for you, thereby preventing tragic verbal slips like "that dress highlights your upper-back fat", or "I love you".

Meals come with at least four courses, and are accompanied by a minimum of three wines. Refills are usually available, but since booze-oriented events can feature more than 18 wines, doubling up becomes a deadly proposition. Among this season's highlights:

  • Marc Vetri (Vetri in Philly), Mon Nov 14th, 5:30pm-8pm. Enjoy Philadelphia's best Italian chef -- in a real city.
  • David Pasternack, Wed Dec 7th 5:30-8pm. "The Crown Pimp of Seafood" takes a break from Esca to prepare classic bistro gorge.
  • Mixologist Dale DeGroff, Sat Nov 5th, 1pm-4pm. This cocktail fiesta's afternoon timeslot means you can drop your sated, bleary-eyed date off before hitting the town in wobbly pursuit of another woman to take to De Gustibus.

Have these prima donnas steal the show, and there won't be anything left for you to do but sit back and lounge. The only way this date could be easier is if you were the woman.