Biplane Flight

If you're a danger junkie, rollercoasters are about as pulse-pounding as cheese fairs. For a truly thrilling ride that carries a distinct possibility of real tragedy, try a biplane excursion with the 70-something aviator they call "Captain Goggles".The adventure begins at Marlboro County Airport, where you'll find Goggles leaning against his 1943 Stearman Biplane, smoking Lucky Strikes. After this rigorous pre-flight prep, The Captain will take you on an hour jaunt up the Jersey Coast, around the Statue of Liberty, and back. Grease him an extra $50, and he'll spice up the basic tour with hair-raising aerobatics, including:

  • Loops and rolls, either of which could have you testing that "vintage" moth-eaten parachute
  • Inverted flight, during which Goggles will stoke your fear by telling you "God can't see you now"
  • The Hammerhead, wherein Cappie climbs to unimaginable heights, stalls, then freefalls as both of your hearts momentarily stop

Goggles does offer a 2-passenger, closed cockpit trip in his Maule 180, but we suggest boarding the plane you can actually fall out of. Slip CG a C-note, and he might even perform the ultimate joyride: a trans-Atlantic burn for England that ends prematurely when you run out of fuel over Amagansett and crash through the Talkhouse roof, killing five struggling Reggae bands.