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The swinish joy of endless eating speaks for itself -- but it's hard to find an all-you-can-eat that doesn't involve a disreputable restaurant dumping its molding overstock on customers so fat, they welcome food poisoning as a weight-loss technique. To eat like a young John Goodman without running the risk of botulism, try these three top-notch pig-out palaces

Meat:Yakiniku JujuSun-Thu $25; 212.684.7830
157 E 28th St, between 3rd and Lex

At Juju, each table comes equipped with a self-service burner, on which you can grill up as much thinly sliced Korean BBQ as your choked intestinal tract can process. Options include sirloin, pork, chicken, short ribs, and the sizzling palms of friends who try to poach your meat.

Pasta:Becco$22; 212.397.7597
355 W 46th St, between 8th and 9th

Every night, Becco cooks up three different pastas for the glutton about town: one in a simple sauce, one stuffed, and one with meat or seafood. The special also includes a choice of Caesar salad or antipasto, and access to Becco's full $25-a-bottle wine list. This upscale carb overload is great for a meal with the guys, or the perfect send-off if your girlfriend's headed to South Beach to spend time with "an old college friend".

Fish:Yuka$18; 212.772.9675
1557 2nd Ave, between 80th and 81st

The Monday night all-you-can-eat sushi deals seen all over town combine the sketchiness of week old raw fish with the folly of eating six pounds of anything -- but this popular* hole-in-the-wall's stock-and-trade is limitless fresh sushi, seven nights a week. They do restrict your gorging to two hours, but after you're done throwing a fit, you'll thank them for showing the restraint you can't

Whatever you're in the mood to eat too much of, these options will feed your insatiable craving for boatloads of great chow -- without turning your insides into an asexual orgy of E. coli reproduction

*Yuka doesn't accept reservations, so expect a wait most nights