Juvenex All-Night Spa

It's last call and you have two obvious choices: take your new lady-friend to a noisy, crowded diner; or hit a shady after-hours club for superfluous, blackout-inducing alcohol. Instead, show her what a rarified badass you are, by treating her to the the most dangerously sexy late-night option in Manhattan: Juvenex Spa

The Juv has pristine amenities that'll remind her of luxurious afternoons at Elizabeth Arden, and a hassle-free, drop-in-whenever attitude that'll remind you of the ramshackle motel where you lost your innocence forever. It's ladies-only by day, but from 7pm-6am it's all about couples, romance, and men who desperately want romance -- and are willing to shell out the cake to make it happen.

Amenities and services can be arranged a la carte, but to make the most of Juvenex, we suggest this package:

Couples Massage: With the two of you lying side-by-side, trained professionals' probing fingers will relax you both, and prepare her for the naked luxury you've lined up next.30 minutes, $65 per person

Jacuzzi: There are tubs in the public area for which single-use swimsuits are provided, but the prize is the private "Celebrity Room". As other men settle for eggs and greasy bacon, you'll soak in the buff while the staff lavishes you with champagne, seasonal fruits, and assurances that the previous celebrity occupant wasn't Adam Corolla.Celebrity Room: $65 per person per hour

Sauna: As the heat soars, the two of you can reflect back on what an exceptional night it's been, and what a mad genius you are for putting it all together.Included FREE

Of course, whisking a woman you've just met off to a world of sensual fulfillment isn't cheap, and has the distinct potential to make her think you're an insane perv. But legends aren't born from cheapness and sanity. So Juv it up tonight.