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Preparing a dinner party is an emasculating ordeal, which is why sane men depend on others to throw them. If you're unlucky enough to get stuck hosting, assemble a menu your guests will never, ever forget, provided by Exotic Meats.

For more than a decade, Exotic Meats has specialized in protein unobtainable from your local butcher -- unless he works out of a zoo or high-end pet store. In addition to the pedestrian (Kobe steaks, caribou, elk, ostrich), E-Meats also offers llama and yak, as well as animals whose relatives might one day kill you, e.g., rattlesnake, alligator, and wild boar. A shipment's not cheap -- 2-day deliveries of bear shoulder rarely are -- but just imagine the impact of this four-courser:

  • Kangaroo Meatballs in Wine Sauce
  • Sweet and Sour Alligator
  • Bear Stew
  • Filet-O-Snake
Russ McKurdy, the man who helms this edible Noah's Ark, stresses that these dishes don't require a culinary degree to prepare*. And the effort's worth it, if only for the look on people's faces when you unveil a four-foot serpent coiled on a bed of frisée. Even if your guests are more repelled than astounded, at least you'll never be asked to throw a dinner party again

*Recipes available on E-Meats' website

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