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East Boat Lobster

If you didn't gorge for Easter/Passover and are now craving a monstrous secular banquet, then a predictable three or four course spread won't cut it. For something grander, more surprising, and generally further out-of-the-box, try a place that hasn't even heard of the box: East Boat Lobster.

East Boat's a Chinese restaurant that isn't afraid to overload patrons with astonishing variety and gut-busting quantities. Their mainstay, lobster, comes in 50 styles (a dozen available at any given time), including with Black Bean Sauce, w/Curry Sauce, and the disturbing yet magnificent Lobster w/American Cheese. But the real deal's their feasts. Take, for example, their "Special Dinner for Ten" ($219.95), comprised of these 13 dishes


- 10 pots of shark fin soup - Sliced abalone on casserole - Steamed razor clams - Hong Kong lobster salad - Salt-baked shrimp
International Sides:

- Japanese scallops - Italian garlic bread - Hong Kong style spaghetti - Filet of fish, French style
- Two lobsters - Dungeness crab - 2 whole "Sir-Lion" chickens - 4 savory squabs (a young pigeon -- the veal of vermin)

So hit East Boat with your friends, family, or fellow "Sir-Lion Chicken" enthusiasts. But be careful: if you escape the box too often here, you'll be too fat to fit back in.