Thrillist Comes to LA

We interrupt our normal content to bring you news so exciting, you might wet yourself, or even wet someone else: a new edition of Thrillist launches today in LA, a mammoth sprawl bursting with creativity, ridiculous hairstyles, and negligently implanted silicon.

We can't think of a better way to kick off 2007 than heading West, thereby opening ourselves up for ridicule from an entirely new region of the country. The reason's simple: In LA, like everywhere else, it's easy to end up in a rut -- gorging at the same taco stands, drinking at the same dive bars, and succumbing to the same deadly road rage on the same congested freeways. So we've put a great team on the LA concrete, dedicated to smacking Angelinos out of their doldrums. From now 'til the sun eats up the solar system, we'll be scouring that city for the very best -- all so that, just like New Yorkers and Nationers, West Coasters won't have to waste their precious free/masturbating time doing it for themselves.

We're telling you this because we want your help spreading the word. If you have a minute, or even several hours, please tell everyone you know in LA that we're coming to grab their city by its dark-and-curlies. And if you're interested in keeping up with LA, we welcome you to sign up too -- just click here, and you're in.

But what's most important is the friend-spreading thing. If you don't do it, you'll be eternally damned, forced to repeat the same day over and over again without ever getting to sleep with Andie MacDowell. Seriously.

Sign up for Thrillist LA and pass us along to your West Coast crew.