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Having a sommelier for a roommate would be incredibly useful -- he could help you pair wines when you eat in, and, because sommeliers are spineless weaklings, you could gouge him for 60% of the rent. Since most sommeliers live in France, hit just-opened wine store Bottlerocket instead. Bottlerocket segregates its wines into highly intuitive food-based categories like Meat, Cheese, and Poultry, plus numerous subcategories (e.g., "fatty fish", and the ominous "dark fish"). There are even pairing suggestions for whatever's fresh at the Union Square Farmers Market -- such as a velvety Bordeaux to go with that hackeysacking NYU undergrad you've got roasting in the oven. Of course, true New Yorkers subsist on takeout. So Bottlerocket prominently features wines to pair with food delivered in cardboard clamshells. Each bottle sits next to a menu from a corresponding local restaurant: pizza places, burger joints, Thai, Indian and soul food spots, etc. You can call them from Bottlerocket, and have your chow arrive home at the same time you do. Then you can tip your delivery boy in gulps of wine. On top of convenience, Bottlerocket's also offering a 10% discount for first-time customers. You can put it towards a college fund for your unborn children, or an order of takeout scallion pancakes -- which unlike your future progeny go down excellently with a 2004 Dr L Riesling.